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Unwell is a fantastic gothic horror podcast set in midwest America

Membership Booksellers Affiliates Associates Authors. Hollars grew up in Indiana and now resides in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Look a bit closer. Overview Midwestern Strange chronicles B.

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Hollars takes a look at a few of these in the entertaining and informative travelogue Midwestern Strange. Werewolves, UFOs, and mysterious creatures become his field of study, the road becomes his classroom, and this book becomes your guide to adventure.

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Hollars encounters werewolves, giant turtles, Mothmen, flying saucers, and other phantoms that haunt the landscape of flyover country. The real wonders in this extraordinary book, however, are the fascinating people that Hollars meets along the way.

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Lerner writes with the lyricism of a poet and the tender generosity of a local. Overview From the award-winning author of and Leaving the Atocha Station , a tender and expansive family drama set in the American Midwest at the turn of the century: a tale of adolescence, transgression, and the conditions that have given rise to the trolls and tyrants of the New Right.

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He has received fellowships from the Fulbright, Guggenheim, and MacArthur Foundations, and is the author of two internationally acclaimed novels, Leaving the Atocha Station and , and of a book-length essay, "The Hatred of Poetry. Lerner is a professor of English at Brooklyn College. It's for sons, daughters, parents, poets, and anyone interested in our political moment. Blurbs " The Topeka School is one of those amazing novels that captures a specific place and period, even as it reveals transcendent truths about the human condition.

I cannot stop thinking about all the humanity infused in each character. As he finds that his changing body offers him limitless opportunity to reinvent himself, so does he recognize the limits of change, of being constantly in flux, never really tied to anything. Constant reinvention becomes tiresome, yet to stay the same is boredom. There is a long tradition of the Midwest as a place from which regular people originate before they are corrupted by worldly forces elsewhere.

They get mixed up in all sorts of nasty business before looking back longingly, nostalgically, on a more idealized version of what they left behind. The Great Gatsby may be the most canonical example of this, a template for the American morality tale in which the center of the country is synonymous with a kind of moral centering, a paradise lost. The answer might be found in novels that see the region not as a monument to the past, but as a site for the future.

I. The Midwest: An Interpretation

Given the threat climate change poses to the coasts, its distance from rising oceans and access to freshwater lend it a sense that it might be the only safe place left once the world is gone. The idea that Americans will one day come back to the Midwest and live picking fruit and milling grain is certainly an appealing one, and one that resonates among apologists and progressives alike.

Who would not like to see the region rise again, preferably purveying local, organic, farm to table living instead of cars, and this time including the historically marginalized groups that were exploited and excluded the first time around?

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  • If the fear of national decline can be personified in the hollowed lifelessness of the human body, then the trip back to the center of the country, to simpler times, is the return the fullness of life before modernity. Enjoy strange, diverting work from The Commuter on Mondays, absorbing fiction from Recommended Reading on Wednesdays, and a roundup of our best work of the week on Fridays. Personalize your subscription preferences here.

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