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Nov 15, Didi rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance , library-loan. This was a great story, filled with the angst of loss and despair, hope and enduring love. Holly Taylor couldn't imagine loving again, let alone loving more than she did her late husband. At first I was irritated with Holly and her self sacrifice to uphold propriety, but as the story progressed I realized what she was doing. I can't even imagine living in a time where you're told how to feel, act, grieve and love.

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But Zachary Bronson was quite possibly the most unlikely of men to win Holly's heart, and reading how he did it was beautiful. There were quite a few scenes that had me twisted inside out. Zachary's behavior view spoiler [when he thought Holly was dying slayed me. His anguish and utter devastation to the possibility of losing her was heartbreaking hide spoiler ].

Can LK write anything bad? Not in my opinion. She just has a way with storytelling unlike any other author I've read. Her writing is both intelligent and provocative, her love scenes are seductive and incredibly sexy and the witty banter between characters is smart and funny. I'm always so touched by her work, God, listen to me, I'm spewing praise left, right and center!

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But seriously, her HR is fantastic, her CR is to die for If you haven't read LK's work Loved it. View all 26 comments. Mar 10, Debbie DiFiore rated it it was ok Shelves: hero-not-celibate-after-meeting-h , hate-manwhores , ow-om-sex-in-book-actual-gross , heroes-who-love-the-h-don-t-cheat-l , not-safe-for-me , why-just-why-so-disgusting , triggers-for-me , heartbreaking , why-did-i-buy-this. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The worst infidelity for me is when they want the heroine but sleep with other women.

He slept with a different prostitute at a brothel every night after he wanted the heroine. It was just gross. I know it is supposed to. I didn't finish it even and I never do that. I did skim the rest and I just never got into it. That is my personal pet peeve and he just disgusted me. I can't stand heroes like him. I am still pissed that I read it.

I wish I hadn't. There will b The worst infidelity for me is when they want the heroine but sleep with other women. There will be no getting over this with a Garwood book either. People said it was safe and that he was faithful or I would never have touched it. I know they weren't together yet but he wanted her and was just a total pig about sex. I hated him and I don't care that he ended up loving her so much. She will probably get a disease from him anyway. Did I mention how much I hated this book.

People in the reviews were mad at her for mourning George but I would rather have that the a man who would put his d! So gross to me. Not a hero in my opinion. Why did I read this???!!! It just made me sick. I just reread the ending because I just wanted to give it another chance after my anger was over and it was heartbreaking and he almost lost her and it broke him, so it one more star.

The scene with her husband was weird to me and so I almost took it back but I left it. Not an endorsement but it did make me cry.

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It was sad. He still was a pig though. I really enjoyed this one.


Love to get back to Historicals every so often. Zachary, the hero, from the wrong side of the tracks, who wants to fit in with the upper classes.

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Lady Holland, from the upper classes who once had the love of her life and knows she will never know that again. I'll chase you through heaven and hell and beyond. You stay, damn you. She was adorable.

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A hundred thousand. You're every dream and wish and want I've ever had. View all 21 comments. Shelves: desert-island-keepers , read , historical-romance. Reviewed for THC Reviews "4. Where Dreams Begin has been on my TBR pile for nearly two years, and I believe that was due in part to it rarely being mentioned as a fan favorite which led me to believe that it probably wasn't one of her stronger efforts. Now that I've finally read it, I'm kicking myself for not picking it up sooner. In my opinion, Where Dreams Begin is every bit as good if not better than Ms.

Kleypas' other works that I've read to date , and I found it to be a real pleasure to read. I thought it embodied her trademark style in both plot and characterizations, and although perhaps not quite as steamy as some of her later books, it was still plenty sensuous. There was also quite a bit of lightly humorous bantering between the hero and heroine that really livened things up, and lots of sweet, tender romance.


Where Dreams Begin was an all-around wonderful story about a proper lady who is tasked with making a silk purse out of a sow's ear, only to find out that it's the roughness around the edges which make her hero so attractive to begin with. Zachary was yet another of Lisa Kleypas' heroes who begins as an ordinary low-born man, but uses his intelligence, diligence and determination to work his way into a hard-earned fortune. He is a real diamond in the rough with a heart of gold who has never forgotten his humble roots and is constantly working for the betterment of the lower classes much to the consternation of the upper classes.

It is often said that one can tell the measure of a man by how he regards his mother, which to my way of thinking makes Zachary a virtual saint. He has a huge heart behind his enormous bank account and treats his mother like a queen and his sister like a princess, and can't help spoiling both Holly and her daughter, Rose, too, when they come to live with him.

Zachary is more of a father-figure to Rose than her blood uncles were after her father died. He absolutely adores this little girl from the moment they meet and the feeling is mutual. Their scenes together positively melted my heart. Zachary may be as sweet as pie and take the utmost care of the women in his life, but he is a completely incorrigible, unrepentant rogue until his love for Holly literally brings him to his knees. In business, Zachary has a take-no-prisoners approach and a reputation for doing anything it takes to get the job done, and he also has a natural knack for bending others to his will to get what he wants without being overly arrogant.

It might have been nice to have a little deeper insight into the hardships that Zachary endured which made him the man he was in the story, but overall, he was yet another delectable hero to come from Lisa Kleypas' talented pen. Holly was no slouch herself. She was a strong and courageous woman who carried on with life after the death of her beloved husband even though she felt like rolling up in a ball and dying herself.

Even though it has been three years, Holly is still grieving her husband's passing when she and Zachary meet and share an accidental but incredibly passionate kiss. I loved how she took a chance and followed the desires of her heart when Zachary offered her employment as a social etiquette tutor to him and his family.

It took a lot of spunk to risk becoming a social pariah for living under the roof of a man who was looked down upon by the ton in order to better her daughter's future.

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Not to mention, the backbone it took to keep a rake like Zachary in line. Holly was incredibly prim and proper, having had an extremely loving marriage with her first husband, albeit a somewhat puritanical one. By comparison, Zachary's dark sexuality is almost overwhelming for her, but I liked that she was up to the challenge. He may have made Holly blush to her toes on occasion, but I admire her for never shying away from his hot-blooded nature and for embracing her own unexplored passions that were lurking beneath the surface right from the start.

I also liked that Holly had a sense of humor and was often amused by Zachary's blunt comments rather than being offended by them. I did feel like shaking her a couple of times when I felt like she was taking a little too long to come to her senses and realize that Zachary was perfect for her, but at the same time, I understood her fears and reluctance.

Kleypas did a good job of conveying Holly's continuing grief over the loss of her husband and her confusion over keeping promises that she had made to him on his death bed, but I did get a little impatient while waiting for her to come to terms with everything and accept that she could fall in love again. The secondary characters were great too. Little Rose was just as cute as a button, and in my opinion, rendered in a very age-appropriate way.

She really added a lot to every scene she was in. Zachary's sister, Elizabeth was a vivacious young woman looking for a love of her own, but not feeling that she was good enough to land the kind of husband she wanted. Zachary's mother, Paula, also felt unworthy of the station to which she found herself elevated by her son's wealth.

She was a very shy woman who found directing servants to be a difficult adjustment after having worked in jobs that were even lower than they were. Holly and her husband, George's best friend, Vardon, ended up being a wonderful man who deserved his own HEA. Kleypas mentions on her website that she might write a story for him someday if she can find the right one. There was even a surprise cameo by the handsome, young Dr. All in all, I thought it was a very nice well-rounded cast.

There were many memorable elements in Where Dreams Begin. Kleypas managed to seamlessly weave lots of information on social etiquette into the story which I found to be quite interesting. I really enjoyed the shrewd negotiations that took place between Zachary and Holly for her employment, as well as their bantering in general.