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Greed is your trading enemy

In addition, we've added a new Contact Trait, fixed some final bugs with the Jyeeta and xeno-related Talents, rebalanced a bunch of ship components and fixed a missing--but very important--clause about how the Swordsman's Sharp Counter and Wing Commando's Whirling Blade work. Up next, we're working on a string of new vignette storylines -- thanks KickStarter backers :D If you're enjoying the updates and free expansion packs, be sure to leave a review and tell a friend.

Boarders, Incoming!!! Update Gundecks Roar. In this update, we've made some more important improvements to the new Brood era, improved the warning you get before encounter jyeeta, added a rank 15 Gundeck Boss Talent, improved autocannons against craft, and added 5 new craft defense and attack related components, and as always, more too. Check the full release notes for everything!

If you're enjoying the pace of updates and the new major expansion pack, please sure to leave a review and tell a friend. Brood Improvements. The BROOD has been awoken in this major new expansion pack which includes a extremely challenging Story Era, the new Gundeck Boss Job and invites enemy captains to command carriers and launch squadrons of attack craft.

If you're enjoying the game and the continuous stream of major expansions without any DLCs, please take a moment to leave a review or tell a friend. If you're new to the frontiers, post your comments, feedback and suggestions to the discussion board or join us on our Discord where there is a great community to help! Brood Awakens. Update Secondary Ignition.

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Following this update, we're marching straight for the next major milestone which will include a new era, new xeno type and enemy carriers! If you're enjoying the pace of constant updates, be sure to leave a review and tell a friend! You can see some of the "making of" the Jyeeta xeno race on YouTube.

This time lapse video compresses a multi-hour animation session into a few minutes. Update Crush Their Morale! Update rolls out with another set of additions -- new Talents, new advantages to old Talents, new Rumor effects and many improvements across the card mini-games and Trait mutation rules for the game. If you're enjoying the relentless pace of updates, new changes and additions please be sure to leave a review and tell a friend!

New Talents - Morale Crushers. Update Void Merchant. Update arrives with continued focus on polishing up the quality of life features, improving the UI and hitting major points of community feedback. As we keep marching to the exciting and dramatic end of the v2. We'll be hammering away at this for a few more releases and then we'll be ushering in a new major blast of content! Thanks to everyone leaving a review and telling a friend.

Sell All Improvements. Update Hard Working Gravs. Update brings a series of new features to the starport and exchanges on grav worlds to help established merchants, prize ship hunters and captains of all type get their void-faring work done faster and easier. We've also made a pile of changes to improve the October Community Challenge which put some odd strains on the game!

If you're enjoying the pace of updates, please leave a review! Firefly Tour Challenge.

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Update Takes All Kinds. Update is almost entirely dedicated to Traits and Contact Traits with a massive addition of 15 new Traits, one new Contact Trait and further refinement and deepening of all Trait mutation systems. For this, it is necessary to have coordination and harmony between the conscious and subconscious part of the individual, That is why it is so difficult for most retail traders to be profitable pic.

I get quite a few questions about my trading plan. I have a 27 page written plan and a visual plan. The visual plan is a flowchart of my process - here is a zoomed version to show what I mean pic. Not Having a Trading Plan Ignoring It In trading, just as in any other pursuit, timely preparation can be of great help and value. A lot of traders — either due to lack of experience or excessive emotional involvement — fail to carve out a decent trading plan and stick to it.

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I reverted to a lot of poor trading habits this week that I felt I had eradicated. I allowed losing trades to become bigger losers after my alt trade ideas had been invalidated. My biggest losing week dating back to almost a year.

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Losses sucks but are mandatory to see gains. Key is to start a loving relationship with them because thanks to them youll see your capital grow in the long run.

Stressing over it will make you overtrade and not respect your trading plan, you are your worst enemy dont forget that! Without a plan you are just meat for the grinder. You have no guide rails, no way to evaluate your performance, no, well, no nothing. A trading plan prevents shiny object syndrome. If you have spent any time online, learning to trade you will know that there is an endless amount of trading opinions, trading systems, videos, books, forums, mentors, you name it. You will never even scratch the surface of what you could learn about trading in ten lifetimes.

All this information is incredibly distracting. You will constantly be pulled in one direction or the other. If you commit to following the steps in this guide, I promise you that your finished trading plan will help you stay focused and reach your goals. A trading plan tames your emotions.

For beginner traders, amateurs, and even most professionals - emotions can be your greatest enemy in trading. Your trading plan is your defense against the emotional roller coaster of trading. A trading plan gives you a foundation to learn and grow upon. This goes hand in hand with reason 1, the endless choices around trading. When you have completed and committed to your trading plan you will have everything you need to get your baseline results. Only from this can you begin to learn and grow. You will make mistakes, lots of them.

A trading plan creates the habits of success. The condition on this is that you have to perform the habit every day for 21 days. This means constant and consistent practice.

Here Are The 14 Characteristics Of Successful Option Traders:

Without a trading plan you will not have any consistency. One day you trade this market, the next day that market. One day options, the next forex. You see the pattern. No habits will form from this behavior. Only when your trading plan is followed will you find and create the habits that will bring you success for the rest of your life. And most important, a trading plan protects your mental story. This is the dark side of reason 2. You're dealing with very powerful emotions in trading… fear and greed.

Learning To Deal With Trading Losses

If they take hold of you it is very difficult to break free. In their clutches your mental story can change. The story you tell yourself on a daily basis that will shape your life. We all have the internal demons or angels. The story you run in your head will end up being the reality you create for yourself and your family. It is critical you protect these stories and make them as positive as possible. Learn and grow. If you don't have a trading plan The HFT high frequency trading programs , algos, and the real professionals will just sit back, laugh, and take your money.

You have no control at all. Your emotions will run wild and ruin you. One day you could win, but the majority of days you will lose and eventually blow your account. How do I know this? I have been there. In my trading career I have studied with master traders , read every trading book I could get my hands on, watched countless hours of video lessons, and spent countless hours in front of charts backtesting. By all means, I should have been successful.

I had wins, some great weeks and months even. More money than most people earn in decades. Trading is a solitary activity. You are making the decision to open the trade or not. You are deciding how much you are willing to lose and how much you can make. You are writing the rules, printing the money. Because of this, you are tapping into very raw emotions - and powerful ones at that.

Fear is by far the most powerful, base, crocodile brain emotion you have.