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When you notice your mind wandering, smile, and simply gently return to your breath. Develop a loving attitude. When you notice thoughts and feelings arising during meditation, as they will, look at them with a friendly attitude.

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See them as friends, not intruders or enemies. They are a part of you, though not all of you. Be friendly and not harsh. Lots of people think meditation is about clearing your mind, or stopping all thoughts. We all do. Instead, just try to practice focusing your attention, and practice some more when your mind wanders. Stay with whatever arises.

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When thoughts or feelings arise, and they will, you might try staying with them awhile. Yes, I know I said to return to the breath, but after you practice that for a week, you might also try staying with a thought or feeling that arises.

Meditation 101: What Is Meditation? A Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness in 2017

We tend to want to avoid feelings like frustration, anger, anxiety … but an amazingly useful meditation practice is to stay with the feeling for awhile. Just stay, and be curious.

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Get to know yourself. Become friends with yourself. As you get to know yourself, do it with a friendly attitude instead of one of criticism. Smile and give yourself love. Do a body scan.

6 Tips to Help You Meditate Better

Another thing you can do, once you become a little better at following your breath, is focus your attention on one body part at a time. Start at the soles of your feet — how do those feel?

Gaiam Life: Meditation Techniques, Benefits & Beginner’s How-to – Goodthink Inc.

Slowly move to your toes, the tops of your feet, your ankles, all the way to the top of your head. Notice the light, sounds, energy. Another day, just focus on noticing sounds. Another day, try to notice the energy in the room all around you including light and sounds. Really commit yourself. In your mind, be locked in, for at least a month. You can do it anywhere. In the park. During your commute. As you walk somewhere. Follow guided meditation. If it helps, you can try following guided meditations to start with.

Many disciplines call for stillness — to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the teacher.

How Does Meditation Suggest The Mind Works?

There are various other meditation techniques. For example, a daily meditation practice among Buddhist monks focuses directly on the cultivation of compassion. This involves envisioning negative events and recasting them in a positive light by transforming them through compassion. There are also moving meditations techniques, such as tai chi, chi kung and walking meditation. This meditation exercise is an excellent introduction to meditation techniques. Sit or lie comfortably. You may even want to invest in a meditation chair. Focus your attention on the breath and on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation.

Notice the movement of your body as you breathe.

Meditation App for Beginners

Observe your chest, shoulders, rib cage and belly. Make no effort to control your breath; simply focus your attention. If your mind wanders, simply return your focus back to your breath. Maintain this meditation practice for 2—3 minutes to start, and then try it for longer periods. Skip to content.

Concentration meditation A concentrative meditation technique involves focusing on a single point. Mindfulness meditation Mindfulness meditation technique encourages the practitioner to observe wandering thoughts as they drift through the mind. Other meditation techniques There are various other meditation techniques.