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Chapter 1.

Relationships : Conflicts. One of the haunting thoughts that can make us especially snappy and bitter in relationships is the idea that if only we were single, we would be a lot happier. In love, we are so conscious of the troubles of our present lives, we are naturally drawn to look back and remember the nicer aspects of solitude.

We remember being able to get up whenever we wanted; we recall not having to fret about where we threw things.

I Wish You Enough

We remember how inoffensive our own bad habits were, when we were the only ones to witness them. We recall not having to justify our meal choices, however eccentric; we could go out somewhere and never tell anyone; we could when we felt like it work through till 2 a. We could have hope for a better future. It seems we are editors of genius and know just enough about how to romanticise our single days to poison our conjugal ones.

The ideal solution would be if, long before we met anyone, a talented film-maker were charged with making a close observational documentary about our single lives. It would provide crucial evidence — which our own memories are so good at strategically omitting — of how less than ideal being single can be and our resentment against our current state would be proportionally diminished.

I Wish You Enough | Chicken Soup for the Soul

We would realise that though we are sad now, we were also very sad then. We would accept, with good grace and a touch of dark humour, that life simply gives us few opportunities to be content. I put those wedding sheets on your bed, as you asked. Oh, how silly we are!

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Come, come! You talk!

One Wish in Manhattan

And did forsake her. I have much to do.

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My mother had a maid named Barbary. She was in love, and her lover turned out to be wild and left her.

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Please, hurry up. No, just help me unpin this.

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