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What Anaesthesia and Anaesthesiology Students Learn Topics and concepts that are covered and the overall approach or focus taken in studying Anaesthesia and Anaesthesiology. Research in Anaesthesia and Anaesthesiology Research areas, topics, interests projects in Anaesthesia and Anaesthesiology.

Career and Employment Opportunities in Anaesthesia and Anaesthesiology Professions or occupations available to graduates in Anaesthesia and Anaesthesiology and links to employment resources. What is Anaesthesia and Anaesthesiology? Anesthesia is the condition of having all sensation including pain temporarily blocked or removed.

Key areas of study

This allows patients to undergo surgery pain-free. Anesthesia can be general a total lack of sensation and awareness, ie.

Programme structure

Recently a portable Ultrasound machine Sonosite has been added into the armamentarium of the departmental equipments. Newer drugs for predictable anesthetic response are available like Sevoflurane, Fentanyl, Propofol, rocuronium, clonidine, dexmedetomidine etc.

Intensive Care Unit is well equipped with all modern life saving facilities.

Advance ICU ventilators for respiratory support of critically ill patients are available. Availability of essentially required other equipment including i. Syringe pumps, infusion pumps, Blood gas and electrolyte machine, intubating laryngoscope disposable items thus making complicated surgery safe. LIBRARY Apart from central library, 83 latest books on anaesthesia, critical care, pain management and various other topics are available in the department for ready reference.

Five international journals and two national journals on topics related to anaesthesia and critical care are also available. This has enabled us to perform both superficial and deeper nerve blocks with high precision. Use of this technology has increased the success rate of nerve blocks and decreased the incidence of complications. All central venous access in the department is being done ultrasound guidance. We strongly believe that this infrastructure addition will expand our understanding about the molecular dynamics of peripheral nerve blocks in future. Every year more than surgeries are performed under anaesthesia.

Apart' from routine elective and emergency procedures, joint replacement, spinal instrumentation, arthroscopic and laparoscopic surgery, reconstructive plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, lung reduction surgery, cardiac valve replacement, CABG, OPCAB. The department is well equipped to provide anaesthesia services for all types of complicated and prolong surgical procedure.

Emergency anaesthesia services are operational in two operating rooms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a consultant anaesthesiologist is available in the hospital round the clock. Seven bedded Intensive Care Unit ICU caters to the critically ill patients belonging to all the disciplines and is managed primarily by Department of Anaesthesiology with backup from other specialties. Pre-anaesthetic check-up clinic is run as an Out-Patient Department OPD and pain clinic services for acute and chronic pain relief including post-operative pain relief are available with expertise from department of Anaesthesiology.

Apart from theoretical knowledge, anaesthesia skills and procedures in operation theatres and intensive care are also taught to them during their clinical postings. A regular training programme on Basic Life Support System is being run by the department for medical students, nursing staff and paramedical staff. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation training is being to common men also. The postgraduate academic activity is ongoing with their clinical posting in the respective operation theatres.

A separate program is conducted in the afternoons three days a week. It consist of a seminar, journal club and interesting case presentation, one per week. Lectures by the consultants will be alternating with case presentations. Interns have postings in the department for 15 days. During their postings training and hands on experience on per-anaesthesia checkup, I. The faculty member of the department has published number of scientific research papers in international and national journals of repute.

A List Of Unexplored Dissertation Topics In Anaesthesia

The guest lectures were conducted by faculty invited from specialty other than anaesthesiology. The CME included free paper presentation to encourage postgraduate activity. The topics included from basics of ultrasound to its current uses related to anaesthesiology, critical care. September A one day workshop on "Basics of Mechanical ventilation" was organized wherein more than delegates took part. Guest lecture, CMEs and workshops were conducted by eminent anaesthesiologist from the Country and abroad.

Lectures on various topics in anaesthesia were delivered by faculty member and a Quiz Competition for Post-graduate student was organized. Faculty: Lectures delivered: Rani P.


Sripriya R. Jaya V. Sivashanmugam, Professor and Head, Dr.

Hemanth Kumar, Dr. Parthasarathy, Associate Professors, and Dr. Rani, Dr. Gayatri Mishra, Dr. The aim of this study was to explore the Anaesthesiology postgraduate students' The collected data were statistically analysed using SPSS version The first part of questionnaire was related to awareness and knowledge about. Updates, Best Practices, and New Guidelines for Clinical Anesthesiology an important topic, with insights provided and interactive discussion led by a master You will receive the ACLS manual on the first day of the conference so that you.

This is the improved version of the with special emphasis on topics relevant to Anaesthesia In- tensive Care Safety first. European Standards of Postgraduate Medical Specialist Training adopted and one Directive addressed specifically the issue of medical Training at the. Sample Topics. Address correspondence.

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Why has.. A passing grade Applied Respiratory Physiology 3rd Edition p. For example, the first five chapters cover various aspects of airway management, including Miller's Anesthesia, Volumes 1 and 2 , 7th Edition.

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How do doctors on postgraduate anaesthesia specialist training programme. This consisted of lecture topics discussed with intermittent multiple choice or expectations and the potential these had to impact on data generation Table 1. A mind-boggling and ever-expanding range of topics run the gamut from Anesthesiology research, Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine.