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Eight-months-pregnant Tate pleaded for the life of her unborn child. She was mercilessly stabbed in the stomach by Atkins. Kasabian told of Atkins's chilling words to Tate before she stabbed her: "Look, bitch, I have no mercy for you.

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You're going to die, and you'd better get used to it. Atkins then used Tate's blood to write the word "pig" on the front door. However, instead of this brutal massacre sating the pathological Manson, he criticized the murderers for being sloppy.

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Ironically, Manson and his Family were arrested not on suspicion of the Tate-LaBianca murders, but simply on the belief that they had vandalized a portion of the Death Valley National Park while they were hiding out in the Mojave Desert. In , the county sheriff had taken them into custody, not realizing that they were involved in the heinous murders. But it was through the confession of Susan Atkins, while held in detention on suspicion of murdering Gary Hinman during an unrelated incident, that led detectives to realize that Manson and his followers were involved in the killings.

Various motivations were examined during the course of the trial.

The most feasible was that Manson's pathological ego, insanity and belief in Armageddon were influences that led him to leave behind a trail of destruction. Manson believed that he was the new Messiah, and that after a "nuclear attack" he and his followers would be saved by hiding in a secret world under the desert. His prophetic visions included a belief that the race war would result in a black victory, and Manson along with his Family members would have to mentor the black community, as they would lack experience to run the planet. As Manson and the Family were to be the beneficiaries of the race war, he told his followers that they had to help initiate it.

According to defense witness and killer Van Houten, this was the primary reason why they murdered the LaBiancas. Manson had taken the wallet of murdered Rosemary LaBianca with the intention that he would deposit it in a section of L. Later in court, Van Houten, who was just 19 when she took part in the LaBianca killings, alleged that Manson had taken advantage of her vulnerability and dislike for her mother, although she believed, like the other members, that he was a man of vision.

Thirty years later, during a parole board hearing, Van Houten said she was horrified by what she had done that night and desperately wanted to redeem herself. She was denied parole in and again in Susan Atkins admitted in initial confessions to fellow prisoners that she had wanted to cut out Tate's unborn baby but didn't have the time.

She also revealed that other grisly and macabre acts were to be perpetrated against the victims and that a list of other high-profile Hollywood stars were on a list to be killed and mutilated. When asked why they wanted to kill celebrities, Atkins replied that the Manson Family wanted to commit murders that would shock the world and make people take notice.

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The move may have cost him his life: Late in the year, Hughes went camping and disappeared, and his decomposed body turned up several months later. It is thought that he was the victim of a retaliation killing by members of Manson's Family. During the trial, Manson released an album titled Lie in an effort to raise money for his defense. He reveled in the media attention, and during court proceedings he turned up with an X carved into his forehead.

Some of his female followers copied the act and shaved their heads, sometimes sitting outside the courthouse. The X was gradually modified until it turned into a swastika. Throughout the trial, the killers often giggled and exchanged grimaces with Manson, showing no remorse for their crimes. On January 25, , Manson was convicted of first-degree murder for directing the deaths of the Tate-LaBianca victims.

He was sentenced to death, but this was automatically commuted to life in prison after California's Supreme Court invalidated all death sentences prior to He was sentenced to life in prison and spent the next four decades behind bars. Kasabian was granted immunity for her part as star witness. Susan Atkins was sentenced to death, but her sentence was later commuted to life in prison.

She was incarcerated from until her death in The couple moved to California and had a son, Charles Manson Jr. By , Willis had left with their child to be with her new lover, and she later divorced Manson. Stevens divorced Manson in When that will be, we don't know. But I take it very seriously. Charlie is my husband.

Sex, Drugs, and Murder: 15 Music Murder Scandals That Shocked the World

Charlie told me to tell you this. At the age of 19, Star had moved from Illinois to Corcoran, California, to be near the prison where Manson was incarcerated, and she also ran multiple websites aimed at securing his release. In November , the year-old Star and year-old Manson obtained a marriage license.

However, their marriage license expired in , and allegations were made in February of that year by writer Daniel Simone that Star primarily intended to marry Manson so she could publicly display his corpse for profit after his death. Manson's wife Star later told Inside Edition the nuptials were still on, while her mother disputed Simone's claims in a Rolling Stone story. Their marriage never did come to pass before Manson's death. Manson died on November 19, , of natural causes.

Turning 30 Inside Britain's Legal Red Light District - Sex, Drugs & Murder - Episode 9

He had been in prison for more than 40 years for his crimes. Days earlier, Manson had been admitted to a hospital in Bakersfield, California; however, no details about his medical condition or his location were disclosed, due to privacy and security reasons. The longtime prisoner had also been hospitalized earlier in the year. Manson had been serving time in Corcoran State Prison in California since In , He was denied parole for the 12th time.

For around four months after Manson's death, the Kern County Superior Court of California sought to determine who had the right to claim the notorious cult leader's body. Four people expressed interest, including two who claimed to be his son, one who demonstrated he was a grandson and a fourth who said he was a longtime pen pal. The matter was further complicated by the submission of competing wills. A resident of Bradenton, Florida, Freeman told a local news channel he planned to cremate his grandfather's body and scatter the ashes in an undisclosed location.

In April , local Aborigines told a Richard Penny the massacre came after the Maria's passengers refused to hand over clothing for guiding them back to settled land. Kidnapped by three escaped prisoners at gunpoint, and taken on a wild ride up the Birdsville Track complete with police shootout - this is cliched-movie territory, but for Monica Schiller, it was real.

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They tied up the thenyear-old's parents and boyfriend, stole guns and food and told Ms Schiller to pack a bag with spare clothes. They drove first to Semaphore and then in another stolen car towards Darwin, taking the potholed and corrugated Birdsville Track. Adelaide journalists chartered a plane that also carried Detective Sergeant Bob "Hugger" Giles - although conflicting reports also have him in his own light aircraft.

The kidnappers fired shots at the plane when it flew overhead. The plane landed ahead of the escapees at Birdsville and Det Sgt Giles, with three other officers, seven journalists and two government employees, drove back along the track.

The press tracked kidnappers' car from the air, radioing its position to the police's car. This allowed the officers to set up a roadblock - when the escapees arrived, shots were fired. Det Sgt Giles returned fire with six shots, saying later he specifically aimed under the car. Two escapees fled the car, while the other began to brake. All three were quickly arrested - one of the officers emptied his revolver of bullets and ran up to one of the men, and told him, "don't move, or you're dead". Journalists documented the entire arrest - Advertiser photographer Ray Titus won a Walkley Award for his photograph.

Monica was found alive but traumatised, 26 hours after her ordeal began. Det Sgt Giles returned to Adelaide a hero. She later married her boyfriend, Graham Smith, and they invited the detective to their wedding. As recently as , the couple were still living in the house from which she was abducted.

Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

Haley was jailed for 15 years but escaped again in , later serving eight years in NSW before being extradited back to SA to finish his sentence. He was released in In Haley was shot in the back while at home, lying on his lounge. He was later charged with attempted murder over another shooting that same night in Campbelltown. The charges were replaced with manslaughter and then dropped. The month-old nephew of Clifford Cecil Bartholomew was the last to be killed, shot through the head at point-blank range while he lay sleeping in his cot.

Bartholomew, then 40, had just shot and killed the other nine members of his family at a remote farmhouse in Hope Forest, near Willunga, in what was then Australia's worst mass murder. He then sat down and had a beer, before remembering his toddler nephew was still alive and reloaded his gun. Hours before, Bartholomew had snapped.

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He later wrote that with the "screaming noises that was splitting my head wide open, and that horrible look on my wife's face, I couldn't control my actions". Bartholomew had become convinced his wife, 40, was having an affair with a Vietnam soldier staying at the farm. Police later determined she wasn't. Bartholomew had moved out, but the family had a Father's Day dinner that night. He'd intercepted a letter from the soldier to his wife. He stormed off and came back about 1am with two rifles and a rubber mallet. He walked into the house and hit his wife with the mallet, before shooting her. As the family was roused with the noises, he systematically shot them all - his sister-in-law, his seven children ranging in age from 19 to 4, and then his nephew.

Bartholomew made a coffee, took some aspirin, and covered the bodies with blankets. He called a local doctor and told him what he'd done. When the police arrived that morning - one of them was legendary SA detective Allen Arthur, on one of his first major cases - he was sitting in the kitchen, with an empty Bacardi bottle beside him. During the police interviews that followed, he told police he "had to kill all of his family".

Detective Arthur noted the murders were "a conscious decision each time to reload and kill his family". In , The Advertiser reported he was living in Adelaide under a new name and identity. SA police sniper Detective Senior Constable John Ramsden cut short one of Adelaide's most dramatic events, when Victorian man Michael O'Connor walked into the gun shop and loaded two shotguns with his own bullets. Officers fired tear gas into the shop to force O'Connor out, and when he walked outside he waved the two shotguns at a police officer.