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Troparion of St Paphnutius of Borovsk, Tone 4. Thou didst illumine thy fatherland with thy radiant life of prayer and fasting, and wast filled with divine gifts of the Spirit. Thou didst strive valiantly in this temporal life and show mercy to all, becoming an intercessor for the poor. Kontakion of the Holy Prophet Jeremias, Tone 3.

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Thou didst receive the gift of prophecy from on high and cry aloud to the nations: This is our God and there is none other beside Him Who has appeared incarnate on the earth. Kontakion of St Paphnutius of Borovsk, Tone 8. Illumined by divine Light thou didst lead an ascetic life, O righteous Father. Thou didst excel as a guide of monks and adornment of fasters. God, beholding thy labours, enriched thee with the gift of wonderworking so that thou dost pour forth healings.

In gladness we cry to thee: Rejoice, O Father Paphnutius. Troparion of St Athanasius the Great, Tone 3. O Hierarch Athanasius, thou wast a pillar of Orthodoxy supporting the Church with divine doctrines; for thou didst proclaim the Son to be of one essence with the Father, and didst put Arius to shame. O righteous Father, entreat Christ our God to grant us His great mercy. Troparion of Ss Boris and Gleb, Tone 2. O Passion-bearers and fulfillers of the Gospel of Christ, chaste Boris and guileless Gleb: you did not oppose the attacks of the enemy, your brother, when he killed your bodies but could not touch your souls.

Let him therefore mourn while you rejoice with the Angels standing before the Holy Trinity. Pray that those who honour your memory may find grace with God and that all Orthodox people may be saved. Kontakion of St Athanasius the Great, Tone 2. Thou didst plant the dogmas of Orthodoxy and cut out the thorns of false doctrine; thou didst water the seeds of Faith with the rain of the Spirit, O righteous Father. Therefore we call thee blessed. Kontakion of Ss Boris and Gleb, Tone 3.

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Today your memory shines forth, noble sufferers, and summons us to glorify Christ our God. Those who come to the shrine of your relics receive healing through your prayers, for you are holy physicians. Troparion of St Theodosius, Tone 8. From thy youth on wings of virtue thou didst speed on thy monastic way and attain to thy desire. Thou didst settle in a cave and live radiantly fasting, persevering in prayer like the Bodiless Ones. Thou didst illumine Russia as a shining lamp.

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O Father Theodosius, pray to Christ our God that our souls may be saved. Troparion of Ss Timothy and Maura, Tone 4. Let us the faithful honour Timothy with Maura his faithful fellow-athlete, the bride of Christ, and let us praise their bold endurance; for being crucified they lovingly followed Him Who was slain and Who has nailed all our sins to the Cross. Kontakion of St Theodosius, Tone 3. Today we venerate the star of Russia, blessed Theodosius, who has shone from the east to the west; he has enriched his whole land with miracles and blessings and has established there the monastic life.

Kontakion of Ss Timothy and Maura, Tone 4. Having endured many wounds and receiving crowns from God, O great Timothy and glorious Maura, pray to God for us who celebrate your memory, that He may grant peace to His flock and people; for He is the strength of the faithful. Troparion of St Pelagia, Tone 3. Thou didst abandon dark ignorance through knowledge of the Faith, O Pelagia, fair virgin of Christ.

Thou wast refreshed by His dew and didst finish thy contest by fire. O glorious Martyr, entreat Christ our God to grant us His great mercy. Kontakion of St Pelagia, Tone 2. Abandoning thy mortal betrothed to be wedded to the Immortal, thou didst offer thy dowry of chastity and contest. Wherefore, O Pelagia, we acclaim thee. Troparion of St Irene, Tone l. Christ our God has called thee Irene, for thou grantest peace to those who hasten to thy church with hymns.

Thou dost intercede for all before the Light-creating Trinity. Together we celebrate thy memory as we magnify God Who has glorified thee.

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Kontakion of St Irene, Tone 3. Adorned with the beauty of virginity and by martyrdom, O virgin Irene, reddened with the blood thou hast shed, thou didst overthrow the error of godlessness. Wherefore thou didst receive the prizes of victory from the hand of thy Creator. Troparion, Tone 4.

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As an indestructible tower of manly courage, thou didst repulse the attacks of Belial and remain unmoved in temptations. Wherefore the Church sings of thee, O wise Job, as a model of endurance and an example of virtue; and she is made radiant by thine exploits. Kontakion, Tone 8. Thou wast true and just, pious, blameless and holy, O glorious servant of God.

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Thou didst enlighten the world by thy perseverance, O much-afflicted Job. Therefore we all honour and praise thy memory. Troparion of the Appearance of the Cross, Tone l. The image of Thy Cross shone forth brighter than the sun, reaching from the Mount of Olives to the Place of the Skull; in this way Thou didst reveal Thy might, O Saviour thereby strengthening the faithful.

Troparion of St Acacius, Tone 5. By thine aid deliver us from the malice of the evil one, O prize-winner, and entreat Christ our God to have mercy on our souls.

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Kontakion of the Appearance of the Cross, Tone 4. The holy Cross which opened the closed heavens has appeared from thence and shone upon the earth. As we receive the glory of its power we are led to the unfading Light. We have it in wars as an unfading trophy, Thy weapon of peace.

James, brother of Jesus

Another Kontakion of the Precious Cross, Tone 8. O thrice-blessed and worshipful Cross of Christ, all we faithful venerate and magnify thee, and we rejoice at thy manifestation. As the trophy and unconquered weapon that thou art, protect, cover and shelter by thy grace those who cry to thee: Rejoice, O Wood most blessed.

Kontakion of St Acacius, Tone 2.

Let us fittingly acclaim the godly witness and victor over the devil. Let us call him blessed as we pray: Cease not to entreat the Saviour, O Acacius, that thy servants may be saved; for thou hast great boldness before the Lord. Troparion of St John the Evangelist, Tone 2.