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Frida was born in this house in and lived here with her family until she married Diego Rivera in During the early years of their marriage they traveled extensively and lived in a few different places, then they moved to the twin houses designed for them by Juan O'Gorman in San Angel now open to visitors as the Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo. Frida moved back to her family home in when she and Diego were divorced. Upon their remarriage a year later Diego joined her here, maintaining the home in San Angel as his studio.

For visitor information including opening times, admission costs and how to get there, read Frida Kahlo Museum. Another of Frida's paintings that is on display in her house museum is the portrait that she made of her father, Guillermo Kahlo.

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Guillermo immigrated from Germany in and later became a very respected photographer specializing in Mexico's architectural treasures. He died in and Frida later painted this portrait of him, some ten years after his death. The dining room at La Casa Azul shows Frida's appreciation for traditional Mexican furnishings and decorations.

Museo Frida Kahlo

The floor and wooden shelves are painted bright yellow and pieces from Frida's collection of folk art are displayed throughout. Frida and Diego often entertained and this was the spot where they would come together with their guests to enjoy traditional Mexican food and drink and engage in long conversations. During Frida and Diego's turbulent marriage, both of them had numerous affairs. They mostly tolerated these affairs, though reportedly Diego was much more accepting of Frida's involvements with other women than with men.

Frida was very hurt when she discovered that Diego was having an affair with her younger sister Cristina, and she separated from him for a few months but they later reconciled. Some time later they divorced and remarried a little over a year later.

40 MXN admission

These clocks represent the time Frida and Diego were apart. On the first clock Frida inscribed: "Se rompieron las horas. Septiembre " "the hours are broken" and on the second she wrote the place, date and time of their remarriage, "San Francisco California, 8 diciembre 40, a las once.

The hard-drinking, cross-dressing artist died 60 years ago

The kitchen is located through the hall from the dining room. The same color scheme is continued here, with yellow floor and furnishings, and blue and white walls. Frida favored a traditional wood-burning stove over modern appliances, even though they were available when she moved back to this house later in her life. Large clay pots on the stove and oversize wooden spoons and stir sticks are at the ready, making it seem like this kitchen was just recently abandoned. Tiny ceramic cups hanging on the wall spell out the names of Frida and Diego above the stove, and two doves holding a ribbon appear above a window on another wall.

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  • Frida spent so much time in bed due to her various physical ailments that she has two beds in the house, a day bed, which has a mirror on the canopy, and the bed in her bedroom where she would sleep at night that has a framed collection of butterflies that was given to her by Isamu Noguchi, a Japanese-American artist with whom she had an affair. Frida requested that when she died her body be cremated. Her ashes rest here in her bedroom in a pre-Hispanic ceramic urn that is shaped like a frog.

    The frog is to symbolize her love for Diego Rivera who called himself "el sapo-rana" the toad-frog.

    La Casa Azul, Coyoacan: Touring Frida Kahlo's home town | The Independent

    Diego requested that he be cremated and his ashes mixed with hers, but his wish was not respected: his ashes were placed in the Rotunda of Illustrious Persons inside the Panteon de Dolores civil cemetery. After that she returned home for further recovery. She had to wear full body cast for three months. To kill the time and alleviate the pain, she started painting and finished her first first self-portrait the following year. Her parents encouraged her to paint and made a special easel made for her so she could paint in bed.

    They also gave her brushes and boxes of paints. Frida Kahlo reconnected with Rivera in She asked him to evaluate her work and he encouraged her. The two soon started the romantic relationship. Despite her mother's objection, Frida and Diego Rivera got married in the next year. During their earlier years as a married couple, Frida had to move a lot based on Diego's work. In , they lived in San Francisco, Calfonia. In , Kahlo added more realistic and surrealistic components in her painting style. In the painting titled Henry Ford Hospital , Frida Kahlo lied on a hospital bed naked and was surrounded with a few things floating around, which includes a fetus, a flower, a pelvis, a snail, all connected by veins.

    This painting was an expression of her feelings about her second miscarriage. It is as personal as her other self-portraits. Rivera tried to include Vladimir Lenin in the painting, who is a communist leader. Rockefeller stopped his work and that part was painted over.

    The couple had to move back to Mexico after this incident. They returned and live in San Angel, Mexico. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rievea's marriage is not an usual one. They had been keeping separate homes and studios for all those years. Diego had so many affairs and one of that was with Kahlo's sister Cristina. Frida Kahlo was so sad and she cut off her long hair to show her desperation to the betrayal. She has been longed for children but she cannot bear one due to the bus accident.

    She was heartbroken when she experienced a second miscarriage in Kahlo and Rivera has been separated for a few times but they always went back together. In they helped Leon Trotsky and his wife Natalia.

    Leon Trotsky is a exiled communist and rival of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. Kahlo and Rivera welcomed the couple together and let them stay at her Blue House. Kahlo also had a brief affair with Leon Trotsky when the couple stayed at her house. In , Frida Kahlo became friend of Andre Breton, who is one of the primary figures of Surrealism movement. She sold some of her paintings and got two commissions. The patron Luce was horrified and almost destroyed this painting. The next year, , Kahlo was invited by Andre Breton and went to Paris.

    Her works are exhibited there and she is befriended with artists such as Marc Chagall , Piet Mondrian and Pablo Picasso. She and Rivera got divorced that year and she painted one of her most famous painting, The Two Fridas But soon Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera remarried in The second marriage is about the same as the first one.

    The Blue House of Frida Kahlo - Museo Frida Kahlo

    They still keep separate lives and houses. Both of them had infidelities with other people during the marriage. Kahlo received a commission from the Mexican government for five portraits of important Mexican women in , but she was unable to finish the project. She lost her beloved father that year and continued to suffer from chronic health problems. Despite her personal challenges, her work continued to grow in popularity and was included in numerous group shows around this time. In this painting she depicted herself naked and split down the middle. Her spine are shattered like column.

    She wears a surgical brace and there are nails all through her body, which is the indication of the consistent pain she went through. In this painting, Frida expressed her physical challenges by her art. During that time, she had a few surgeries and had to wear special corsets to protect her back spine.

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