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O'Hair on television. She was riveted. O'Hair was fascinating.

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She was so honest. She said things no one would ever dare to say. She was cantankerous and brilliant. Her intelligence!

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Her insight! At her first face-to-face meeting with Mrs.

Apologetics Press - Madalyn Murray O’Hair

O'Hair, in the time-honored tradition of religious experiences, she was struck dumb, ''literally speechless. But Ms. Johnson was not a new nonbeliever. She was reared as an atheist, although her parents never railed against religion. As a result, Ms.

Johnson knows relatively little about the insides of churches. Many Atheist Inc. Barrier has acquired hundreds of books on Christianity and spends his spare time listening to television and radio programs. Johnson confines herself mostly to atheist literature, occasionally dipping into Christian books to ''know thine enemy,'' as she said.

As a student at Ramapo College, she was constantly crusading, she said: against the Vietnam War, and for the women's movement and the environment. But only atheism stuck. Behind the scenes, she supported Mrs. O'Hair's many lawsuits against the government: to remove prayer from space capsules and Nativity scenes from public property and paid chaplains from the military and ''In God We Trust'' from coins, to name a few. Johnson lives with her two children, ages 3 and 8, and her husband, whom she will not name, who owns a business, which she will neither name nor describe; she fears Christians with bombs, she said.

Apparently there is enough money for Ms. Johnson to stay home with her children and administer Atheist Inc. Atheist Inc.

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Johnson: ''She's an inspiring speaker. We giggle a lot about this absurd religion based on a myth and its ridiculous followers. Johnson says she is trying to find her own style. It is not Mrs. O'Hair's style, she says, which by all accounts was sometimes affable, sometimes abrasive, but always autocratic. Johnson said. But why were they so stupid anyways? I thought she was smarter then that.

Any time you get kidnapped and the kidnappers threaten to kill you if they can not have the money that means once they have your money your dead, your the only living witness. Never give over your money because the next ting that comes is death. It's natural for us all to fear death.

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But for atheists, it's not because a sky fairy would judge us harshly. Like x 1. Altfish Well-Known Member. The fact that someone says, "I do not fear death" isn't the same as "I don't mind dying".

Rare Madalyn Murray O'Hair interview sabotaged. 1987

We all know that we have a finite time on this earth, we hope it will be long and happy but that death will come when our body is no longer able to sustain us. But we do not want to die in say a car crash or after being kidnapped.

Whos Afraid of Madalyn Murray OHair?

Like x 2. LuisDantas Aura of atheification. Buddhist with an emphasis on personal understanding. Riders , maybe you can give us some context? A link or something? Shadow Wolf Crazy Diamond. Like x 1 Winner x 1. PureX Veteran Member.

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